Earth Eleven
Earth Eleven Emblem

Earth Eleven (アースイレブン, Āsu Irebun) is the represententative team for Earth in the Grand Celesta Galaxy. They are the main protagonist team in the Galaxy series.


The field players wear a uniform which is white with blue collars that goes along the back. There's also a blue circle in the sides of the shirt that goes along the back and the sleeves. The shirt also has a thunder sign on the left side which is their team's emblem. It is matched with midnight blue shorts, blue socks with white cuffs and white shoes with blue at the tongue. The goalkeeper's uniform is green as the base colour with some pattern of black that goes along the sleeves. It's matched with green shorts, same shoes with the field players and gloves which is white with orange cuffs. The second goalkeeper's uniform is dark blue as the base with some pattern of light blue around the chest part and also along the sleeves. It's matched with dark blue shorts, same shoes with the field players and gloves which is white with orange cuffs. Their captain band is yellow.


Hissatsu tactics



  • This team was formerly called Inazuma Japan.
    • However, they name themselves Earth Eleven after they head out to space to compete in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament.
  • Shinsuke is the only member without a soul. He gets a goalkeeper hissatsu instead.
  • In the Tenya Yabuno's manga, Shinsuke and Zanakurou do not join the team.
    • However, in the Tetsuhiro Koshita's manga, they do appear.

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