Dummy Emperors symbol

Dummy Emperors (ダミーエンペラーズ) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


They use the second uniform of Dark Emperors.


All members of Dummy Emperors are the original members of Dark Emperors, although not under the influence of Aliea Meteorite. This team can be challenged by talking to Endou Daisuke, as the first team in the lower route. The player's team must not have any players with catch hissatsu.


  1. Tamano Gorou (GK)
  2. Nishigaki Mamoru (DF)
  3. Shishido Sakichi (DF)
  4. Kageno Jin (DF)
  5. Kurimatsu Teppei (DF)
  6. Handa Shinichi (MF)
  7. Shourinji Ayumu (MF)
  8. Matsuno Kuusuke (MF)
  9. Yamino Kageto (MF)
  10. Kazemaru Ichirouta (FW/captain)
  11. Someoka Ryuugo (FW)
  12. Sugimori Takeshi (GK)
  13. Ootani Tsukushi (DF)

Hissatsu tactics

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