Diamond Dust emblem

Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト) is one of Aliea Gakuen's master rank teams. Their captain is Gazel. When playing with Raimon, they tied at 2-2 (as a result of their overconfidence), and as Gazel was not satisfied with the tie, he joins Prominence, forming Chaos to win against Raimon and to overthrow The Genesis. They were in the lead when they were interrupted by Gran, and the match did not continue.


Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust's formation.

Diamond Dust's uniform consists of a blue and white t-shirt, with a purple orb-like object embedded in the middle of the shirt. This is fitted with navy blue shorts, blue socks, with a white stripe going around the top of the sock, and dark blue and white cleats. The goalkeeper uniform is black and white, long sleeved shirt, with a purple orb-like object embedded in the middle of the shirt like the normal uniform. This is fitted with white shorts, white gloves and the same socks and cleats like the normal ones. Gazel assumes the role of captain, but he doesn't have a captain band.


  1. Shirai Ikkaku (Beluga) (GK) 
  2. Touchi Shuuji (IQ) (DF) 
  3. Kurakake Clara (Clara) (DF)
  4. Gokukawa Kantarou (Gocker) (DF)
  5. Touchi Ai (IC) (DF)
  6. Toba Ren (Valen) (MF/FW)
  7. Kadomichi Tooru (Droll) (MF)
  8. Kurione Yuki (Rhionne) (MF)
  9. Tsumujino Touji (Blow) (MF)
  10. Suzuno Fuusuke (Gazel) (Captain) (FW)
  11. Mikoori Rei (Frost) (FW)

Hissatsu Tactics

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!


Diamond Dust Game

Diamond Dust in the game.

Diamond Dust Vs. Raimon

Gazel used Northern Impact to score a goal to which Endou wasn't able to block even with Seigi no Tekken. The second score was made again by Northern Impact. Though Raimon scored two goals back with God Knows breaking through Ice Block, Gouenji Shuuya also used Bakunetsu Storm and also broke through Ice Block. The match ended with a tie of 2-2.


  • The team of Diamond Dust is solely made up of wind-attribute and earth-attribute players.
  • This team later joined with Prominence to form Chaos.
  • This team is the opposite of Prominence, because their uniform and their elements are contrast to each other.
  • Though Gazel is the captain, he doesn't wear the captain band.