Demon's Gate (デモンズゲート, Demonzu Gēto) is a location.


Demon's gate is an underground cave with lakes of lava.


In the game, this is the place where you can challenge Makai Gundan Z to a match, but only in the Bomber and Ogre versions of the third game.


It appeared in episode 108 and it belonged to the Makai Gundan Z. It was where Desuta had put Otonashi. Desuta is from Makai Gundan Z and has come to "pick up" Otonashi from Inazuma Japan. When Kidou saw his sister being kidnapped by Desuta, he said to let her go. But Desuta, instead, he kicked the ball extra hard at Kidou and said, "Do not interefere or I'll eat your soul!" Then he picked her up and then disappeared. Kidou and his White Team rescues Otonashi out of Demon's Gate and enters the depths of hell.


  • This place is based on Hell.