Dead Future (デッドフューチャー, Deddo Fyūchā) is a combination shoot hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

  • "This shot begins with a dying flower and ends with a consuming black hole."



It first appeared in episode 42, used by Meia and Giris. It scored two goals during the match opposing El Dorado Team 02 to Giru, breaking Rujiku's Keeper Command 07 and injuring him the second time.

It was used again in episode 43. However, Mecha Endou successfully stopped it using Penguin The Hand. Meia and Giris did that hissatsu again to score another goal which would make Giru win 4-3. But Mecha Endou stopped it again using his catch hissatsu, though this time his two shoulders broke due to the shoot's power. Later, they used it another time as there was no goalkeeper to defend El Dorado Team 02's goal since Mecha Endou got destroyed, but Zanark stopped it with his chest.

Dead Future appeared later another time in episode 48. It evolved to G2, and scored the second goal for The Lagoon against Chrono Storm, breaking through Shinsuke's Taikoku Ouka.


First, the two users are shown back to back. Then, the first one creates with his/her hands some kind of pink petals around the ball, that is surrounded with blue energy. When the ball has enough energy, the petals are removed one by one, and the ball emits blue beams. Then, the second one shoots and the background changes to a landscape with dark, red clouds and destroyed buildings at the bottom. The ball goes toward the goal with a mighty, blue energy.






Inazuma Eleven GO! Chrono Stone Dead Future G2 vs Taikoku Ouka (HD)

Inazuma Eleven GO! Chrono Stone Dead Future G2 vs Taikoku Ouka (HD)

Chrono Stone game

Inazuma Eleven Go Neppuu Raimei - Dead Future (Meia & Gillis)

Inazuma Eleven Go Neppuu Raimei - Dead Future (Meia & Gillis)


  • From the destroyed buildings in the background of Dead Future and from the dub name 'No future' this move probably represents the second stage children's future as they have short life spans and are persecuted which would ultimately lead them to having unfulfilled lives or "No Future".