Daniel Stavín (ダニエル・スタービン, Danieru Sutābin) is the coach for Argentina's national team, The Empire.


Daniel has light brown skin and is tall in height. He has shoulder length light brown hair and a small mustache. He has black eyes, with bags under them. He wears a dark blue long-sleeved shirt with a yellow tie and cyan/white striped pants coupled with brown shoes. In some game art, he is seen with a cigar.


Daniel first appeared in episode 94 with his team. He silently watched his team play during the first-half of the match. He then nodded his head as a signal to Teres Tolue to change into an offensive formation in order to head up the field. This allowed the team's forward, Leone Batigo, to score the first goal by using Hellfire.

In episode 95, during half-time, he told Teres to let the team use Andes no Arijigoku for the second half. The team then used their hissatsu tactic and gave Inazuma Japan a hard time to score goals. He was surprised along with Teres when Grand Fire scored a goal after breaking through their hissatsu tactic. Though in the end, The Empire won with a score of 2-1.