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Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi (大砂漠砂嵐, lit. Giant Desert Sandstorm) is an offensive hissatsu tactic.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Shamshir used it in episode 9 to break through Inazuma Japan's defense. However, it was broken through by Kusaka Ryuuji near the end of the match.


Five players first slide on the field, each creating a sand veil that eventually merges into a giant sandstorm. Then, it knocks the opposing players away.




Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 9 - Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi (大砂漠砂嵐)00:27

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 9 - Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi (大砂漠砂嵐)


Dai sabaku sunaarashi00:05

Dai sabaku sunaarashi

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