The Cyclone Stadium (サイクロンスタジアム, Saikuron Sutajiamu) is a stadium in the Holy Road nationals tournament. It is one of the six stadiums of the Russian Roulette.



Cyclone Stadium GO game

Cyclone Stadium in the GO game.

This stadium has many turbines located around the interior. Three small, connected turbines or jet engines are located on each of the four upper walls. A giant turbine, located on the ceiling, takes up at least half of the ceiling's surface space.

The turbines' purpose is to generate tornadoes, or cyclones of wind against the teams that are playing in this stadium. The design of this stadium can be used to a team's advantage — trapping their opponents, using the tornadoes as a path for the soccer ball.

Furthermore, Hissatsu Tactics such as Kami no Takuto prove to have no effect on these tornadoes, as demonstrated in episode 22.


In the game, the appearance of the Cyclone Stadium is fairly similar to the anime's design, besides there being one turbine located at each corners of the stadium, adding four to the anime design. In addition, the area intended for stadium seats is less broad, and there are spaces at each corner where the additional turbines are located.

There is also a path that leads to the stadium called the Wind Path, and it is required to go through it the first time you visit the stadium in the game.


Raimon Vs. Gassan Kunimitsu

Debuting in episode 22, this stadium was first seen in the 1/8 Holy Road nationals match — the match between Raimon and Gassan Kunimitsu.

In the 1/8 nationals, Raimon played against Gassan Kunimitsu, but the goalkeeper has a Keshin and Minamisawa is now playing for Gassan Kunimitsu. In the match, Kariya said that he was a SEED, but was actually messing around Kirino and later revealed he wasn't.

Raimon won with 3-2, with Tsurugi's help at the end.

Arakumo Gakuen Vs. an unknown team

In the episode 36, Arakumo Gakuen played against an unknown team in the Cyclone Stadium and won with an unknown score.

Seidouzan Vs. Senbayama

It was seen in episode 40 that Seidouzan won against Senbayama with a terrific score, 16-0.