Crossfire (クロスファイア, Kurosufaia) is a combination shoot hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven 2

  • "A twin shoot with a Fire-based/Wind-based team-mate that makes the stars tremble!"



This hissatsu was developed by Gouenji and Fubuki, they discovered this technique when they were blocking the goal in the match against The Genesis, and they used it in that match. It is a combination of Gouenji's fire element and Fubuki's ice element, and is similar to Fire Blizzard. They also used the hissatsu in the match against Dark Emperors and Orpheus. Later, this move evolved to Crossfire 改 in the Dark Angel match, but it was stopped by The End V2.

In Inazuma Eleven 2, the hissatsu has no story significance, and it's manual can be found by using a Wifi Key to access the access next to the Shopping Street. It is one of the strongest shoot hissatsu in the game.


One user runs towards the second one, shrouded with a fire aura and the second user runs towards the first one shrouded with an ice aura. When they're about to collide, the auras disappear and the background changes to a space landscape with the Earth at the middle. Both users shoot at the same time a powerful shoot with spinning fire and ice lines coming from the ball similarly to Fire Blizzard.






Inazuma Eleven - Crossfire00:09

Inazuma Eleven - Crossfire


Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre Shin CrossFire vs God Catch + Mode Fire00:27

Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre Shin CrossFire vs God Catch + Mode Fire

Inazuma Eleven Strikers

イナズマイレブンストライカーズ - クロスファイア00:08

イナズマイレブンストライカーズ - クロスファイア


  • In the games, the elemental type of Crossfire depends on the element of the user initiating the shot.
  • It is one of the strongest shoot hissatsu in the second game, along with The Earth, Neo Galaxy and Fire Blizzard.
  • It appeared in the intro cut-scene of Inazuma Eleven 2: Fire and Blizzard, used by Gouenji and Fubuki (in Atsuya's personality), though it has no main story purpose.

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