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Crimson Hairs (クリムゾンヘアーズ, Kurimuzon Heāzu) is a game exclusive team.


This team can be challenged at Kanda Satoko's route, as the first team in the bottom route. All members are at level 11.


  1. Mighty (GK)
  2. Takeoka (DF)
  3. Namuhiro (DF)
  4. Galling (DF)
  5. Mitsui (DF)
  6. Chisel (DF)
  7. Okano Shunpei (MF)
  8. Mitsuyoshi Yozakura (MF)
  9. Tsutsumi Tomo (FW)
  10. Kiyama Hiroto (FW/captain) (Adult form)
  11. Someoka Ryuugo (FW)
  12. Araragi (GK)
  13. Morisugi Hisashi (DF)
  14. Okusano Maiya (FW)
  15. Coral (FW)
  16. Yougan (FW)


  • All members have different shades of red hair, which is a reference to the team's name.

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