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Cool Guys (クールガイズ, Kūru Gaizu) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre.


This team can be challenged at Gouenji Yuuka's upper route. The members' levels range from 56 to 84.


  1. Fox (GK)
  2. Mephisto (MF)
  3. Belial (DF)
  4. Pierre Godin (DF/captain)
  5. Irikiin (FW)
  6. Ronnie Weiss (MF)
  7. Angelo Gabrini (MF)
  8. Laurent Pérec (MF)
  9. Mistrene Callous (FW)
  10. Kaoru (FW)
  11. Reef Hamilton (FW)
  12. Bunchan (GK)
  13. Coyote (FW)
  14. Afuro Terumi (MF)
  15. Papillon (DF)
  16. Araba (FW)


  • The team is a pun on the many feminine looking boys in the series.

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