Condor Stadium (コンドルスタジアム, Kondoru Sutajiamu) is a stadium used in the FFI.


Condor Stadium HQ Strikers

Condor Stadium in the Wii game.

It is located on the Condor Island. In both the game and the anime, this stadium was shown to be used for the matches of Inazuma Japan versus Orpheus and Orpheus versus Little Gigant.


Inazuma Japan Vs. Orpheus

This was a hard battle for Inazuma Japan as in the second round, Orpheus' true captain Hidetoshi Nakata returned and they were able to finish their Hissatsu Tactics that is called Catenaccio Counter but the game ended up in a draw as Kidou was able to break through it.

Orpheus Vs. Little Gigant

This match was the semi-finals of the FFI. In this match, Orpheus couldn't score against Little Gigant because of their powerful goalkeeper, Rococo Urupa, who stopped every shoot hissatsu without a goalkeeper hissatsu. Also, the goalkeeper of Orpheus couldn't stop Little Gigant's shoots because their shoots were too powerful and fast. In the end, Little Gigant won from Orpheus with 8-0.

Tactics used