Chrono Stone CS 39

Chrono Stone (クロノ・ストーン, Kurono Sutōn) is a special object introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.

Imprisoned characters


Purple Chrono Stone CS 17 HQ

The purple Chrono Stone imprisoning Endou Mamoru.

The Chrono Stones are gems with an iconic 'C' on it. Chrono Stones are made when a human with strong willpower is getting sealed, which alters time and creates a Chrono Stone with the person's soul in it.

Currently, the two only known Chrono Stones were; Endou Daisuke's, the orange one; Endou Mamoru's, the purple one.


The Chrono Stone first appeared in episode 11. Beta used the Sphere Device to seal Endou Daisuke, but his willpower protected him and a collaboration in the timeline caused him to turn into a stone: the Chrono Stone. Imprisoned in this stone, Daisuke could still talk and move. He told Raimon about the Hasha no Seiten, so they can create the Ultimate Eleven and beat El Dorado.

In the episode 12, Daisuke told Shindou that he was the first player of the Ultimate Eleven and that he had to Mixi Max with Oda Nobunaga.

Endou Mamoru imprisoned in Chrono Stone (CS 39 HQ)

Endou Mamoru imprisoned in a Chrono Stone.

In the episode 17, El Dorado's leader, Toudou Heikichi, held a purple Chrono Stone in his hand, in which Endou Mamoru is imprisoned. He said Daisuke's influence as a Chrono Stone allowed Raimon's players to Mixi Max with historical characters such as Nobunaga.

In the episode 24, Zanark was holding Endou's Chrono Stone, which probably means he got it or stole it from El Dorado.

In episode 29, when Zanark was about to give Endou's Chrono Stone to Raimon, a mysterious man grabbed the Chrono Stone and disappeared along with it.


  • The reason why the anime is called "Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone" is because of these stones.
  • Each of these stones have a different shape and color. For example, Daisuke's stone is orange and has a hexagonal shape, while Endou's is purple and is triangular-shaped.
  • "Chrono" is from the Greek word Chronos, which means time. Also, Chronos was the Greek titan of time.