Cain Harper (ケイン・ハーパー) is the President of the United States of America in the context of the original arc of Inazuma Eleven.


Cain wears a blue suit and tie, and has tanned skin and brown hair. He wears glasses, and his forehead is wrinkled. His defining features are his large ears and chin.


As President of America, Cain holds a lot of responsibility, which he seems willing to live up to. He was happy to speak to the general public of Nara, Japan, despite this not being his home country. He uses typical American mannerisms such as "What the heck!?", and enjoys home cooking, which he often invites Zaizen Sousuke over to the US for.


Season 2

Cain Harper revealed, together with Zaizen Sousuke, the new deer statue in Nara. Cain was, just like all of the people there confused when the heard something, until the black soccer balls fell. Cain was evacuated when Zaizen was kidnapped by Aliea Gakuen and the statue got destroyed.

Season 3

Cain appeared during the match between Inazuma Japan and Unicorn after Inazuma Japan brought the score to a draw.


Cain first appeared in Nara, where he and Zaizen Sousuke were present at the opening ceremony of the new deer statue. Cain was to observe while Sousuke cut the ribbon, but the statue was destroyed by Aliea Gakuen. Sousuke was kidnapped, leaving Cain behind with the general public.

Game appearance

Front sprite Side sprite Back sprite Avatar
Casual Osgood front Osgood side Osgood back President Osgood