Box Lock Defense (ボックスロックディフェンス, Bokkusu Rokku Difensu) is a defensive hissatsu tactic.


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!



This hissatsu tactic was first used in episode 71, used by Big Waves. It was mainly pulled off by Nice Dolphin, Sully Princeton, David Waterman and Matt Angle. Matt, Carmay Kohler, Clark Kane and Surf Winders also used it once against Gouenji Shuuya. Gouenji tried to shoot the ball above the four players, but Nice was able to steal it. Then, Fubuki Shirou, who also got stuck in the tactics, tried to pass to Kiyama Hiroto but Nice and Matt quickly used their legs to block it with their fast reflexes. Though this tactic was later broken through by Kidou Yuuto, who was able to keep the ball. When Nice and Matt made a mistake during the process, he was able to pass between them. The reason why Inazuma Japan had to practice in their dorms was because Box Lock Defense gave a player limited space to move. Afterwards, Gouenji, Fubuki and Kiyama also learned how to break through this tactic, making it unusable for Big Waves.


Unlike in the anime, once a player has been caught by this tactic, it cannot be broken. In the game, in the match against Big Waves, this tactic was broken by Dancing Ball Escape.


This hissatsu tactic comprises 4 players of the team. They tightly seal off the opponent by closing near the opponent. Because of the tight space, they can predict each move and take possession of ther ball.



Box Lock Defense TCG

Box Lock Defense in the TCG.



イナズマ11 - ボックス ロック ディフェンス - Inazuma11 - Box-Lock Defense

イナズマ11 - ボックス ロック ディフェンス - Inazuma11 - Box-Lock Defense

Box lock defense

Box Lock Defense in the game.


  • The commentator in the FFI stated that the tactic can't be broken through once you're caught, but in the anime, it was broken through by Inazuma Japan.