Black Thunder (ブラックサンダー, Burakku Sandā) is an offensive/defensive hissatsu tactic.


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It is used by Makai Gundan Z. It was first used in episode 110 during the match against Kidou Yuuto's team, it scored the first goal for Makai Gundan Z. Tachimukai broke through this tactic the second time. This tactic has two different effects in the anime and in the games; in the anime, the time is temporarily stopped, giving the user the ability to reach the goalkeeper and score a goal. In the game, it slows the opponent team's movement speed by some time.


Black thunder TCG

Black Thunder in the TCG.



Inazuma Eleven - Hissatsu Tactic Black Thunder

Inazuma Eleven - Hissatsu Tactic Black Thunder