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Asia Senbatsu (アジア選抜, lit. Asia Selection) is a game exclusive team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


They wear Fire Dragon's second uniform. It contains a white shirt with bright red collars.


This team can be challenged by talking to Endou Daisuke in the Cotarl area after finishing the main storyline of the third game. This team will be the first on his route.

They can also be challenged in Hirai Shinzou's route after defeating Fire Dragon.


Asia senbatsu members with reserves

Asia Senbatsu members with the reserves.

  1. Jo Jung-Soo (GK)
  2. David Waterman (DF)
  3. Shine Beach (DF)
  4. Jamel Jamad (DF)
  5. Ko Seong-Hwan (DF)
  6. Fual Farouk (DF)
  7. Sly Sulayman (MF/captain)
  8. Surf Winders (MF)
  9. Messa Jashim (MF)
  10. Majidi Ismail (FW)
  11. Joe Jones (FW)
  12. Quincy Horst (GK)
  13. Park Baek-Yeon (MF)
  14. Matt Angle (MF)
  15. Kim Eun-Young (MF)
  16. Cho Myong-Ho (DF)

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