Amanda Turner (アマンダ・ターナー, Amanda Tānā), also known as Manta (マンタ), is a midfielder for Big Waves.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • "The bothersome older sister who supports the team from the shadows. Sometimes, she toughly scolds mischievous members."


Amanda has fair skin and purple eyes. She has long, wavy pale green hair which is tied in a low ponytail.


She first appeared in episode 6, along with her team and played against Inazuma Japan. Along with three other of her teammates, they used their hissatsu tactic Suck Out on Kusaka Ryuuji. They used Suck Out a second time on Matatagi Hayato and prevent Shindou Takuto's Kami no Takuto from being successfully used.

In episode 7, she and her teammates used Suck Out on Matatagi again. Later, they used Suck Out again on Nozaki Sakura. She tried to get Kami no Takuto to work while being trapped in Suck Out, but failed. Suck Out finally failed when Sakura was able to break through it with Kami no Takuto FI. In the end, her team lost with a score of 3-2.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 121
  • TP: 156
  • Kick: 112
  • Dribbling: 133
  • Block: 107
  • Catch: 107
  • Technique: 97
  • Speed: 123
  • Stamina: 73
  • Lucky: 109


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy