Aliea Meteorite (エイリア石, dub: Alius Rock and Alius Crystal) is an extraterrestrial rock first appeared in season 2.

Origin and Properties

Aliea Meteorite

The Aliea Meteorite

An odd rock from outer space with the ability to enhance the abilities of human exposed to it. It has a beautiful appearance which, according to Ryuuichi in episode 64, is what enraptures people's hearts.

When humans are exposed to it, aside from the enhanced powers they receive, some may also has a change in appearance, with their hair being the most notable.


Aliea Meteorite

A pendant with an Aliea Meteorite

This meteorite was used by Aliea Gakuen to power up their soccer teams, with Gemini Storm and Epsilon confirmed bring exposed to it. Prominence and Diamond Dust were never confirmed, while The Genesis wasn't exposed at all. Fudou Akio also had a pendant with an Aliea Meteorite on it while he was with Shin Teikoku Gakuen.

After Genesis was defeated, Ryuuichi took away the remaining fragments of the Aliea Meteorite and made his own team, consisting of the Raimon members who were injured during the fight against Aliea.


Aliea meteorite

Aliea Meteorite destroyed

Near the end of episode 65, refusing to give up and determined to bring back his friend, Endou used God Hand with all his remaining power to remind everyone of what true soccer is. As a result, the last fragments of the Aliea Meteorite shattered into pieces and darkened, and Dark Emperors' members returned to their old selves.