Aliea B (エイリアB, Eiria B) is a team that can be challenged in the second and third Inazuma Eleven game.


They wear black shirts with white collars, it has a red stripe that crosses from the top right to the bottom left. They have the same uniform with Aliea A.


In the third Inazuma Eleven game, this team can be challenged after finishing the story gameplay. You can approach Kira Hitomiko and talk to her and you can challenge Aliea B in her list, though you must defeat Aliea A first.


  1. Saginuma Osamu (GK)
  2. Sango Yoshirou (DF)
  3. Morino Rumi (DF)
  4. Kikuma Shousuke (DF)
  5. Izuno Yuu (DF)
  6. Kuri Fuuko (DF)
  7. Miura Hiromu (MF)
  8. Mureta Hachirou (MF)
  9. Midorikawa Ryuuji (MF)
  10. Akutsu Kiyoshi (FW)
  11. Kiyama Hiroto (FW/captain)

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