Akizora Challengers (秋空チャレンジャーズ, Akizora Charenjāzu) is a team made up of the residents of Kogarashi Manor, Kino Aki's apartment. They played against Raimon in a practice match and lost 1-0. Their captain is Kogure Yuuya.


The standard uniform is a white-collared, green shirt with light green and white linings at the ends of the sleeves. The name of their team is written in white on the upper-right section of the shirt. This is fitted with light green shorts. The shoes for the standard uniform are colored white and green, while the socks are also green. The goalkeeper uniform consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt with red-violet cuffs. The collar section of the shirt is striped pink and red-violet, and the gloves are colored white. The goalkeeper also wears pink shorts. The name of the team is also written at the upper-right section of the shirt, but is in black instead of white. Their socks are colored red-violet and shoes are white. The captain's band is colored purple.


  1. Toyota Minoru (GK)
  2. Kogure Yuuya (DF/captain)
  3. Henkutsu Shibugaki (DF)
  4. Kuriyama Hiroshi (DF)
  5. Kaedeno Komichi (DF)
  6. Akai Tonbo (MF)
  7. Tsukimi Hideho (MF)
  8. Udou Kai (MF)
  9. Johnny Autumn (FW)
  10. Akiyama Himiko (FW)
  11. Kazeaki Yone (FW)


  • Akizora's shown hissatsu techniques are old hissatsu used by Raimon and Inazuma Japan.
  • The captain of the team, Kogure Yuuya, is one of the Inazuma Japan's past members.
  • The Coach of the team, Kino Aki, is one of Raimon and Inazuma Japan's past managers.
  • "Akizora" is from "aki" (autumn) and "sora" (sky).



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