Adult Team Logo

Adult Team (アダルトチーム, Adaruto Chīmu) is a game exclusive team.


This team can be challenged as the seventh team on Takayama's upper Taisen Route. All members are at level 65, except Yaono Sumiko, who is at level 70, and Fudeyama Tome, who is at level 68.


They wear the away uniform of SP Fixers.


  1. Yaono Sumiko (GK)
  2. Sumisu Eiji (DF/captain)
  3. Fudeyama Tome (DF)
  4. Honemaru Hitoshi (DF)
  5. Shittou Nao (DF)
  6. Sakite Masaru (MF)
  7. Ootama Konomi (MF)
  8. Gokuhi Tsutomu (MF)
  9. Kisoku Jun (FW)
  10. Tateno Mai (MF)
  11. Kagami Houko (FW)

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