Aaron Adams (アーロン アダムス, Āron Adamusu) is the coach of Knights of Queen, England's national team, taking part in the FFI and the first team to play against Inazuma Japan on Liocott Island.


He wears a British top hat that matches the blueish-grey colour of his suit jacket and pants. His eyes are greyish-green, and his hair is light blonde. He is always seen wearing a monocle, and carrying a gold walking stick with a golden soccer ball shape on the top.


He encourages his whole team. He is also very posh, British and seems to be calm and a natural tactician.


Aaron Adams Game

Aaron Adams in the Inazuma Eleven 3 game.

He appears in the first episode of season 3, where he tells Edgar that he deserved greater things. He is also seen at the party in which his team invited Inazuma Japan. He appears as the coach of England's national team in the match against Inazuma Japan the next day. He states that his team has two hissatsu tactics which gave Inazuma Japan a hard time, but in the end Inazuma Japan found the weaknesses in the tactics.

Aaron Adams during the match with Inazuma Japan

Game appearance

Casual Coach18shot


  • He likes to call his team members "My absolute flawless knights".